Dark Departure


This too shall pass.

More and more werewolves jumped from the forest whilst the convoy slowed, but the men in Mountbatten's vehicle had their own trouble to worry about. The two on the roof were trying to pry their way in. The armour held against multiple blows, though it bowed inwards and started to buckle at the corners.

The Lieutenant took stock and made a decision quickly - his vehicles were well protected, but it was only a matter of time before it gave way. Pinned between the tree and the chaos behind them, they couldn't retreat. There was only one option.

"Dismount, dismount, dismount. Out lads, we're going to have to fight them off!"

Sergeant Fisher took up the order, unlocked the rear doors and leapt out into the darkness without hesitation. The rest of the men piled out with him, apart from Hastings who was still trying to get a shot on with the 20mm turret cannon.

Mountbatten himself went last, almost bent double to keep from bashing his head on the door.

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