A New Town


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Celesta let out a breath and tossed the shovel aside. The hole was deep enough now.

She walked back to the wooden cart, and lifted a large crystal out of it. "Here we go."

She gently placed it in the hole, then pressed on it a little more firmly, making sure it would stay. Then she sat down, finally resting.

All around her, people were unloading carts and constructing buildings, both through magical and mundane means. Immediately around her was barren dirt and a solid foundation for the castle that would one day be here.

Celesta smiled, and leaned against the crystal. Well, Astri? What do you think of our new home?

It's... nice. I like it, I think, the crystal responded. And everyone seems happy.

Yes. And it's ours and ours alone. Our own little corner of the world. For now, at least.

"Hey, Celesta, you wanna come take a look at this?"

"Alright." Celesta stopped leaning against the crystal and carefully got up, leaving to survey the construction of their new little village.


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Intriguing beginning. I'm curious to see where this leads.

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Me, too. Guess we'll find out one day. =p

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