Outsider in the End: Ohmwari

Robert Quick

Where the -@!# did my muse go?

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Ohmwari, the city where all things find their end. It was a place that Dana only knew by reputation. Stories first and later jokes had been carried long distances, spreading on the trade routes that made up the connective tissue from kingdom to kingdom and empire to empire. When they finally reached her ear, they spoke of a place where everything disappeared eventually, under the blind eye of an uncaring god. It was said that many people went there to die, although few could agree on whether it was in solidarity or desperation. One thing that people did agree on was that Ohmwari held an ever growing necropolis, one that was already larger than cities triple it's size.

It was a place where you went to forget and to be forgotten.

"How close are we then?" Dana asked, sitting up and surveying the land around her.

The distant hills hadn't gotten much closer while she dozed and the untamed ground on either side of the cart looked the same as it had for days.

Mjer Madhin tasted the air. "A day, perhaps two."

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