Heat of the Moment


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

The orange girl watched as the city burned. Smoke billowed high into the sky, and people ran screaming through the streets, trying desperately to escape.

She wouldn't let them.

With a swift motion of her hand, she made more flames, blocking paths.

"Nerim, stop! Please," the purple girl pleaded, running over. "They don't deserve this!"

"No, they all deserve to burn. None of them have any right to be spared, not after all things they've done."

"Please, there are innocent people in there. What if we'd never met and I was in there?" She threw her arms around the fiery girl.

Nerim hesitated, lowering her hand. "But Nera, you're not. You're out here, with me. It's okay."

"There are other good people in there. You can't just kill everyone because of the actions of a few."

"It was a lot more than a few."

"Still! That's not all there is! And some of those people are worth saving. Please Nerim, don't kill them all."

She hesitated again. "...Okay. For you." Another wave, this one putting out a lot of the flames.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Hey! A wave! Well that makes one of my previous comments sort of redundant. Oh well. I can't win 'em all. And when I mentioned Girls with Magic, I definitely should have included color as that is also one of your stories's hallmarks. So I guess what I meant was Colorful Girls with Magic. The ending of this story kind of reminds me of the story of Abraham bargaining with God to spare Sodom. It's a good morality question--how many good people is it okay to sacrifice in order to fight a larger evil? At some point pragmatists might come out with a mathematical equation that it's okay to wipe a way 2.7 good people for each 10 evil people but I wouldn't want to shoulder that burden. It would keep me up at night.

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I love my colorful magical girls. Gotta color 'em all.

I don't think I ever read that story, but it does sound about right. Part of my opinion is it's dependent on how much harm the bad people are doing. And, how bad they really actually are. But then, I'm also of the mindset that one innocent life lost, that could have been saved, is one too many, so I'd really rather not risk it. I guess, really, maybe it's not so much how many lives can you afford to waste to ensure the evil people are gone, as how many definitely innocent lives would be lost if they're not gone. Small amount to save a lot more or something. Dunno. But morality stuff is fun to play with in stories.

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