I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

The girl was flipping through her notes on her phone one day when she found the words she'd jotted down months earlier. She remembered that little story she'd wanted to write. The details weren't all there, but some of them were.

She got up and went to sit at her computer, again pulling up a blank page.

Again, the words wouldn't come.


She would make them come. It had been months since she'd written a single word for fun, and she wouldn't pass up this opportunity now. Not when she had any idea what to write.

The girl put down word after horrible, ambling word. Every single one was terrible, forced. But it was writing.

In the corner, the tiny creature barely lifted its head, staring up at something it didn't believe. It had thought that was the end.

The girl tapped away on her keyboard, writing every last bit she remembered. And when she was done, she re-wrote it, to flow more smoothly.

The creature wobbled to its feet and ambled over, rubbing against her leg.

She gently picked it up. "I'm so sorry."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I think it's because the titles and themes overlap that helped confused me: Sudden Flash, Faded, Flickering. Okay, I definitely stand by the fact that I believe that you're using shortcuts in connecting information. It's stuff that you know that hasn't been said in this story chain yet. If it does connect to sudden flash too, then I'm curious why the creature seems more present now than before (as in the protagonist interacts with it). Ignoring our muses and not making time to write does seem to encourage both bad writing and no writing. I was going to say I don't know which one is worse but that's not true. No writing can't be turned into anything. At least bad writing we can edit to make it better, or steal ideas and characters, or use partial descriptions or something. Writing isn't always easy but I generally find it worthwhile.

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Yeah, they're very much similar stories. All about inspiration stuff. Partly with these ones, I had so much I wanted to get out, that I didn't want to dwell on making sure they stood as well on their own.

They might take place in the same universe, I dunno, but the characters aren't the same. Part of why I had her interact with it is normally, with inspiration, you just take it and use it and that's that. In this case, she was deliberately going back, and attempting to revive this little idea she'd had. She wasn't just letting it come to her, it was an active effort.

No writing definitely hurts me a lot more than just writing poorly. Writing is something I love very much, so I wanna keep doing lots of it when I can!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The small creature jumped up on her shoulder, faintly glowing, perfectly poised with its chest sligh…

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