Opposing Harmony


Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

"How many died?" The lighter one asked the other.

"Too many, nearly all. How many escaped?" She replied.

"Too few."

One summoned her vine-entwined rod, the other her scythe.

"We should take care of them, shouldn't we?" The lighter one asked.

"They'll only keep killing if we don't. I can feel it." The lilac girl answered.

She nodded. "They'll move somewhere they have yet to destroy."

Life and death worked in harmony as equals while they destroyed what had brought ruin to the once beautiful land. Life with her vine-entwined rod, and death with her reaper's scythe.


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Yay, stories! They're nice, and I like the contrast but also similarities of them.

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I like the darkness of the scene.

Personally, I think you need a hyphen in vine-encrusted in order to bind "encrusted" to "vine": without it, it reads as "vine" and "entwined rod", which is a bit jarring for me.

I love that life and death walk the land as allies. Makes a change from them usually being placed in opposition to one another.

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Hi again! Thanks for the feedback. Where death wields a scythe, life wields a modified version of the rod of asclepius however, I should work on my wording. Perhaps entwined isn't the best word I could've used.

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Hi again! I was rather incoherent when I wrote the comment above, so I read yours wrong. I fixed the hyphen thing, though!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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