Light and Dark


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Nara ran over, body slamming an off-white girl, before jumping back and blasting her with inky black balls of magic. "Stay away from them!"

Rima blocked it the best she could before getting back up, a little worse for wear. "If you'd keep those foul things locked up, I wouldn't go after them!"

She held a hand protectively in front of the small, demonic looking creatures. "Like you keep your little pets locked up?" Nara spat back.

"They're not pets, and mine don't hurt and terrify people."

"They can't help what they are! They still have their place in the world. They don't deserve to be locked up or destroyed!"

"I'm just trying to keep people safe. If you still can't understand that..." Rima attacked with her own balls of glowing whitish energy.

Nara stood her ground, taking whatever damage from the attack her magic couldn't block.

"Move out of the way, idiot!"

"No. I don't care how much you hate nightmares, I will never let you hurt them."

Rima glared at her before turning to leave. "Fine."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Another story that could easily fit into your Girls with Magic continuum. I notice that many of the magical effects tend to emerge in the form of globes. Have you considered other means of attacks like shards, lightning, blasts, waves, beams, explosions, animal forms like birds, etc? I like the idea of nightmare creatures needing protection. It's a neat take on the monstrous being a victim (Frankenstein, Fantastic Four's the Thing, Luther from the Umbrella Academy). Like real world pokemon could be horrifying despite what Detective Pikachu might show. I wonder if the nightmares belong to Nara or if she merely taps into them/ they are drawn to her.

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I've been having fun with magical girls. Keep getting these little pieces in my brain.

Shapes, it's just sorta what they seem like to me, so it's just what I write. I do technically have some other magical girls with different power stuffs going on, but I haven't written about any of them here.

Yeah, it seems like a really fun idea! And, they're Nara's creatures, they belong to her, really, but she didn't make them.

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  • Published 1 year ago.
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