Settling Into The Job


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.



Rylis stepped back a little as blood pooled around the person she'd just killed, looking at it with mild disgust. But this had gotten easier. The fifth time, she'd still thrown up. The 27th time, this time, she just felt a little nauseated.

She sighed and put the gun away before bending down and carefully touching the body, tracing her finger in a circle before gently pulling away, a small blue orb coming out and following her hand.

She grabbed it out of the air and stood up, and then procured a case from her pocket. Flipping it open revealed 26 other orbs much like this one. She carefully set it inside.

"Only twenty-three more to go."

Rylis hated this job, really. She disliked the sight of blood and immediate smell of death. It had somehow become less detestable, though.

But, this was the kind of thing that happened when you made a deal with a demon. Only 23 more souls to go, though, and she could go back to her normal life.

She closed the case, put it away, and left to find the next one.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Interesting. Kind of parallel to the story about the grim reaper, just a little bit more ummmm hands on, I suppose you could say. Fifty souls is a nice round number, perfect for human counting, but for demonic handling, I think I'd prefer an awkward number, perhaps one associated with death or bad luck, depending on the culture. I like the touch that she is getting used to the job. By the last kill, will she care at all or will she have become completely desensitized?

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I considered going with something like 66, because 666 is the only immediate number I know that's considered bad, but I didn't feel like it. I decided 50 would be a nice number to keep in a single case.

And I dunno. Guess we'll see, if I manage to figure out more to write.

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