Broken Ballad


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Another night, another peaceful dinner with gently clinking silverware and soft voices discussing the days events.

"How about you, Aria?"

"Ah, you know, usual boring school."

"Same old?"

"You know it." Oh no. "I'll be back!" Aria took off up the stairs.

"Wait, Aria!" Her mom sighed. "That girl's always running off."


Aria ran into her room and shut the door. The stupid thing couldn't have waited for ten more minutes. She reached up and touched the pendant on her choker, changing into a purple frilly outfit in a flash of light.

Oh great, the sprinklers were on. Aria sighed and jumped out the window, anyway, summoning her axe.

She leapt over the house, finding the monster, and slashing it in one quick motion.

It squealed in pain, stumbling backwards.

Aria kicked it before strumming a few notes, casting a brief protective spell over the house. She couldn't really afford anyone getting hurt. Or curious.

Now she could fully focus on that monster.


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Dunno if I really needed to write another prequel for this, but here it is anyway.

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There's always room for more magical-girl stories on Ficlatte. It's been a neglected genre in here.

Not sure that "She reached up and touched the pendant on her choker, changing into a purple frilly outfit in a flash of light" reads quite right. Take me a couple of goes before I realise that her outfit is changing, not that she is changing into an outfit. Would make fighting monsters tricky if someone had to wear you, but anyway...

The action is well-described and draws me in.

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Hm. Valid point. Something to consider in future writing. Or... maybe I'll go back and tweak it a little if I remember to later.

I'll definitely be writing plenty of magical girl stories. It's like I like them or something.

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