Endless Cycle


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Two white ears poked out of the sand, followed by a fluffy white head, and then a body popped out. The little white rabbit shook off the sand. It failed to understand why the world had to rain sand, and then suddenly, inexplicably, it would turn on its head and the bunny would be buried under sand again and had to make its way to the top.

It hopped over to the glass that kept it contained in this sandy world. Try as it might, it had never been able to push through this barely visible wall. But it had nothing better to do, since digging tunnels or carving out nests in the sand always proved fruitless. It all drained away, leaving nothing but slippery glass, before flipping again and restarting the process.

The bunny pawed and kicked and threw itself at the wall, all seemingly in vain, until suddenly the world began to teeter. It wasn't flipping, no. There was still sand here.

The bunny felt weightless for a moment.


The glass broke, and the sand and the bunny with it spilled out onto the floor.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Bunnies and hour glasses makes me think (obliquely) of Alice and Wonderland. Your story went in a different direction where it appears that perhaps the substance of time gave birth to a rabbit! That alone has some striking implications.

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Story prompt:

A few years ago I wrote a short story about a man trapped inside an hourglass. Sadly, I can't find it anymore. But perhaps you could write a new one!

Write a story about someone (not necessarily a man or a human being) trapped inside an hourglass.

The man in the hourglass by Lampyris Noctiluca

  • Published 11 months ago.
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