Highly Flammable


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Rita jumped back, only getting the front end of her skirt lightly singed. "You're blue. Why the heck do you have fire powers!?"

"You're the one who wanted to fight," the blue girl taunted.

"First, I thought you had water powers, and second, I was playing." Rita jumped up on a roof, narrowly dodging a bright blue burst of flame. "And you didn't answer my question!"

"I didn't choose fire powers, I just have them." She sent another burst of flame at the green girl, who dodged again. "I thought we were gonna fight, not just have me play target practice."

"I have plant powers. Suitable to my green color? Why would I want to fight someone who has fire?" But she should actually fight. Rita summoned some seeds that exploded into powder when they hit the ground near the blue girl, who coughed and then jumped back, burning the dust.

Rita took a chance to jump behind her, snaring her with vines.

"Fire." She easily burned them off.

"Exactly. I can't win."

"Maybe try just a little harder?"

"No. I'm leaving."


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You need to find another angle. Some way to exploit the situation to your advantage.

Or learn not to judge a book by its cover and RUN!

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Neither character seems very likable at the moment. One started a fight and won't take responsibility for it and the other won't let the fight end. Potentially an interesting world with people divided into pokemon type (or at least elemental type) powers.

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Admittedly, Rita just wanted a practice/training fight, not a "There's a chance you could get seriously injured" fight. I dunno blue's deal beyond that she finds Rita annoying, I think.

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