Fractal Realities: Point of Inflection

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

In mathematics, a point of inflection is a point on a curve where the concavity of the curve changes, a momentary point where the slope of the curve is equal to the slope of its tangent at that point. Points of inflection mark the transitions between upward- and downward-facing sections of the curve.

My life is also a curve, rising and falling thousands of times over its entire course, and each transition is also marked by an inflection point, thousands every day. Most inflection points go completely unnoticed and yet they exist. Between sleep and wakefulness. Between song and silence. Between motion and inaction. Between inhalation and exhalation. Even between the tick and tock of a clock.

Every once in a while, the events that surround an inflection point are so important to me that the point of inflection becomes a point of reflection, a moment that I can reflect on, a fragment of time in which I can remember what it is to be somewhere in between.


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