After The Invasion


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

It had only been a few months since the invasion. Aliens had killed a lot of humans, others were just missing.

Presumably dead.

Or, with any luck, if such a word was appropriate, they were still alive, but being used for research. No one dared try to imagine what that might be. A story about it was one thing. This was now real life.

Most humans had long since gone into hiding. They quietly constructed secret bunkers. Aliens had yet to figure out their wireless communication, so that had been safe. It was news occasionally that another human had been shot, or another bunker emptied.

It always made a new wave of panic sweep over the remaining inhabitants.

Etril did her usual part of the perimeter check. They'd formed a small cluster of bunkers here, and she'd been assigned to help keep an eye out. Most proper soldiers were dead.

She stepped up the stairs into a building, only to find one of the aliens staring at a statue inside. She stepped back, and slipped. Oops.

The alien pointed its gun at her.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

This feels like the background was rushed in an effort to get to the action. I'd have like to seen what the invasion looked like, the shapes of their ships or biological weapons or raiding parties. The first few paragraphs appear to be Etril's thoughts, so if they have memories of these things, that could be exciting and give us a clue on how they survived so far. If you have an interesting story, it's okay to take your time. I think you feel pretty comfortable working in sequels so letting pieces breathe is totally okay.

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It honestly was a bit rushed because I wanted to establish some stuff before I got to the bit I had in mind. I might eventually go back and figure out more details and write it out more thoroughly, but this is what I figured out how to convey in the character limit without writing three entire connected stories or something. Felt like too much at the time for just jotting down a quick idea.

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