Hunter; Pt 1


Je réfléchis trop au dessin animés

Hunter didn't know where she was. It was hard to make anything out. Impossible, really given how exceptionally dark it was. There was nothing but the cold, wet floor underneath her, almost slick from condensation. Walking around proved useless, as it seemed there were no walls within reach, nor a ceiling. The whole situation was impossible. Unthinkable really, but that's not the scary part. No, what scared her was that this time, it was real. After years of nightmares every time she slept, she found herself unable to wake up this time. Trapped in this mindscape, filled with absolutely nothing at all. She had no idea what to do. Normally she would wait around, and eventually she'd move on to the next dream, or maybe wake up. As much as she knew time was probably being distorted by being alone in complete darkness, with no way to tell how fast time was moving, the wait was endless. And she was sure the pricks in her sides, the starting pangs of hunger she felt, were definitely real.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Kind of reminds me of The House of Leaves. I like a good mystery and Hunter seems like she has potential to be a good character. Terms like mindscape, dreams, and real get my attention. The only real criticism I have is that without paragraph breaks it's very dense. It makes a certain amount of sense seeing as all the subjects are related but it doesn't give the eye a chance to breathe. Some times this matters and sometimes it doesn't. Just my two cents.

On a side note, I think about cartoons a lot too.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Also welcome to Ficlatte!

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