My Little Corner of the Universe


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

She lay on her new planet. How wonderful it was to have her own planet, as she'd always deserved. Really, she had an entire solar system all her own, but it was just a tiny corner of the infinite universe.

One day, she wanted to have more. But this was enough to make her content for now.

The young goddess got up, and set about making the planet beautiful. She shaped the land, summoned water that would help life to flourish, and dug into the earth to make sprouts come out. The rest. The rest that there could be. She'd let it happen on its own. For now, this place belonged to her and the plants alone.

She looked out at the stars while the sun warmed the other half of the planet. Quite a few visible ones were beyond her reach. But not all of them.

She lifted her hand, tracing shapes in the air, lines and curves, aligning her stars to show this place belonged to her.


Her name. Elras. Written forever in her stars. This little corner of the universe was all hers, and she'd make sure everyone knew it.


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Oh lovely.

But does this goddess have the purest of motives? The thick plottens.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

in the Tempest (and probably a few other plays as well), Shakespeare mirrored Magician with Playwright both of who act as gods in their own ways. I can sort of see this as the same, perhaps a metaphor for finding a home where your writing will flourish and people will know your name. Or perhaps it's just a story about a goddess making her own way . . .

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It's really just a story about a goddess, for no apparent reason. It does make for a lovely metaphor, though. Having a little corner of the world to call your own.

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