This too shall pass.

The room erupted into chaos. On his back with Newkirk's weight atop him and a terrible wet feeling spreading across his chest, Beckton steadied the Browning Automatic Rifle as best he could with one arm and promptly emptied the entire magazine of Magic Missiles. He spread it evenly across Yorck and Bleecker, but the sorceress threw out an arm and the dying traces of her Shield were more than sufficient to absorb the silvery bolts.

Ignoring the fusillade of ineffective fire, Bleecker walked up to Yorck, offered her his arm and muttered a spell under his breath. A familiar-looking door twisted into existence, the pair started to step forward -

There was an almighty boom from the far left side, beyond the enemy pair. A second Webley shot with similar effect to the first, blowing Yorck bodily through the door and out of sight. Bleecker jumped after her, and they were gone.

Beckton threw his weapon aside and rolled Newkirk onto the floor as gently as he could.

"I need help here right now. Newkirk is hit!"

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Accurate fire with the powerful .30-06 Springfield rifle cartridges is not possible with one arm, but Magic Missile rounds neither recoil to the full extent of their ballistic counterparts - nor do they require accurate targeting, with bolts happily flying ninety degrees or more off the bore axis in order to strike their targets. Beckton has acted too soon, however, and Yorck's first cast of Shield is still in effect.

Bleecker's spell is Dimension Door, a fourth-level spell enabling short-range teleportation of the caster and up to one companion. With Newkirk out of action and no indication where they have gone, the agents have little in the way of options for pursuit.

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Operation Dynamo was carried out by the British Expeditionary Force in France after they were surrounded by German forces and pushed back towards the sea, at the town of Dunkirk. The French Army carried out a desperate rearguard action, delaying and holding back German forces on the land to give the British forces a chance to evacuate. Despite attacks from the German air force, over three hundred thousand English and French troops were carried off the beaches at Dunkirk - in Royal Navy destroyers brave and nimble enough to sail up to the shore, in merchant navy vessels and even in boats and dinghies.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Agent Osterley took a kneeling position with a clear view on the enemy combatant she assumed as Yorc…

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