Three Word Prompt: In the Lincoln Woods with Dad (Part 2 of 2)


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I reach. I fumble. My fingers renew their acquaintance with that smooth black stone of yesteryear. I remember the knit cap, with Donald Duck on it, and gasp in wonder. How have you been, old friend, old chronicle, old heart? The rhetorical echoes send waves out around me, and my hand tightens on my dad's hand, now 40 years gone.

I bring the smooth, cool stone down, its first flight. I sink into the leaves, the needles and cones; they cling to my trousers. At eye level it is, this antique form, yet I cannot read a single letter. Saltwater prevents.

But never mind. I remember them all. And they're still there for us.

Anna and Daddy 1978


Enclosed in a heart that doesn't want to let go.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

My favorite line here is Saltwater prevents. Stephen King introduced me to the idea of two word sentences and I'm always really impressed when they work. I'm curious if you had the idea for this story before sitting down and writing, or if it arose from the prompt words or even something else. I appreciate being able to go on this sort of time capsule journey.

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deciduous, rhetorical, trousers

Inspired by (sequel to):

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