This too shall pass.

Agent Osterley took a kneeling position with a clear view on the enemy combatant she assumed as Yorck - who certainly looked the part, firing off pyromatic spells with vigour.

With care, she reached into the front pocket of her apron and withdrew a large, British-made Webley revolver. There was a single aluminium cartridge in the top chamber; she closed it again and pulled back the hammer. No activation word was required for .455 Magekiller rounds, so Osterley simply raised the weapon and took aim at the sorceress' exposed back.

Motion in her peripheral vision caused her to pause with her finger on the trigger. She recognised Bleecker immediately, striding out confidently from Director Ackerson's office with a metal briefcase in one hand and a revolver just like hers in the other.

Osterley hesitated.

Bleecker did not. His revolver erupted in a blue-tinged flash, the shot sounding louder and hitting harder than it ought to have. Newkirk was thrown off his feet and into Beckton in a spray of blood.

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Webley revolvers were used by the British Empire and various Commonwealth countries from the late 19th century well into the 20th century. A powerful, reliable and well-made weapon, it controversially featured a particularly devastating hollow-point bullet called the Manstopper - from which I have named the Magekiller. It may be assumed that Magekillers are very difficult to get hold of, which would be why Osterley only has one. The principle of operation of this type of ammunition is not stated.

Operation Adder was conducted by the Australian Services Reconnaissance Department on Timor during the Second World War. Much like Operation Cobra before it, the commandos were unaware that the operation had been compromised. Ambushed by Japanese forces, there were no survivors.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Oh no! What's happening? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical. I was concerned about shooting Yorck in the back and now this?! My emotions went back and forth on the nature of honor, betrayal, and surprise. So that's credit for you in 1024 characters.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Silvertown ripped the empty magazine out of the Thompson, let it fall and retrieved a spare from the…

Python 2
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