Three Word Prompt: Upon a Fulfilled Dream


Lit and music teacher from America, but in Asia

I'm dancing with you, hands together, your hand on my waist, slowly turning in the room that is in a misty dream in my mind. Finally, we're dancing together. I bury my face in your shoulder and neck and kiss you, cherishing this vision. I hear violins and brass, but there's only the pianist in the far corner. No matter where we drift in the large room, he's always in the corner, masticating the stub of an unlit cigar and letting a composer sing through his fingers. The clouds feel plump, like oranges and starfruit.

We swing through the mist of our memories, in the midst of our old wishes hopes plans. We kick in joy. We spring upward. We love each other.

Bad memories and feelings we punt out the window that's closest; we defenestrate our defeats and frustrations as the middle eight kicks in. Far in the corner, the rumpled spinnet chews away his resentments and launches into the finale. Soon the song will be over, and we'll applaud; the next song starts soon afterward. The pianist has always been there.


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Defenestrate, mastication, pianist


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