Python 2


This too shall pass.

Silvertown ripped the empty magazine out of the Thompson, let it fall and retrieved a spare from the garter on her right leg to make the weapon ready again.

Newkirk rolled to his feet with surprising nimbleness and the two spellcasters exchanged fire again. He summoned a ball of eerie blue light into his cupped palm, causing Silvertown to shiver. There was an electric tingle that seemed to pass through her, accompanied by a distinct sense of otherworldliness that was well above and beyond the normal effect of magic.

Yorck recognised it. She raised her wand as if parrying a high blow with a sword, and Newkirk's spell wobbled with instability before dispersing into nothingness. Recognising an opportunity, she fired off a quick firebolt.

The spell flew straight and true, striking its target just below the heart. But Newkirk shimmered where he had been hit, there was no burn - and then the real Newkirk stepped in from two paces left and replied with a firebolt that came off Yorck's Shield in a jet of sparks.

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Silvertown's dress, unfortunately, does not feature pockets of any kind - let alone the kind that would be suited for the carrying of additional ammunition. However, she clearly has alternate carriage for such useful things.

Newkirk's spell is a highly modified Chromatic Orb, a first-level spell dealing 13.5 (average) damage to a single target, in a damage type of the caster's choice. The original elements are acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison and thunder - but it does not seem like any of those were used by Newkirk here. Which one was is not stated.

Silvertown's physical reaction is similar in style to that noted by Beckton in "Fall Rot" (#42041) and Osterley in "Bowler" (#42043).

Yorck's action is Counterspell, which is technically a spell but is more akin to a technique. She interferes in the casting of Newkirk's magic and neutralises the attempt. Both sides have expended magical energy, though how much either side has is not trivial to explain.

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Newkirk's defensive magic is not a spell, though it is a combination of extremely short range teleportation and a small illusion. To what degree he was hit by the firebolt is not clearly described.

Operation Python 2 was conducted by the predominantly-Australian Z Special Unit, following up on Python 1 with the intent of organising guerilla movements in Borneo to fight the occupying Axis forces and setting up observation posts to report on the Sibutu Passage where Imperial Japanese Navy ships would often transit.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Newkirk frowned as another sliver of the future was revealed to him. At this point divination was me…

Python 1
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