Fractal Realities: Wait... Listen...

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

You can hear it in the still of the night if you're quiet and calm. Wait until the crickets and owls are silent. Wait until the wind dies and the willow leaves are motionless. Wait until the clouds obscure the moonlight and leave the world under a veil of darkness. When you think the world is ready to speak to you, wait just a bit longer for your own impatience to dissipate. Then... listen.

Screams, whimpers, and tears.

Humanity should be still and calm. It should be asleep, preparing to meet the challenges of the coming day, but it isn't. The world doesn't permit it. There is too much pain, too much heartbreak, too much cruelty.

If what you hear surprises you, then consider that you are living in a world of fantasy, a world where the good thrive and the evil are punished. This isn't that world.

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Fractal Realities: Suffering Builds Character
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