This too shall pass.

Newkirk cast a critical glance over Yorck. She had changed a great deal in the years since they had parted ways. Dark blonde hair, which had once been tied back in a messy ponytail, was now gathered in a low braid on one side. A hood partly covered her face, which she drew back now; notably, the lining was from the Friedrich Wilhelm University of Berlin rather than the University of Cambridge. Most of all, however, there was now a certain confident strength to her. The headstrong young apprentice had matured into a powerful sorceress.

They exchanged ultimatums, as was traditional.

"Why struggle, Silberfuchs? Join us. We will build something extraordinary together. It shall eclipse all your deeds - a crowning achievement to cement our places in history."

Newkirk gave space to her proposal, then replied.

"It's not too late, Yorck. There is still so much left for you to see and do. I will make sure they treat you well."

They exhaled at each other, indicated their refusals, and assumed their positions.

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Newkirk's expectation of a Cambridge hood indicates that Yorck has completed a certain level of study therein. Which is not stated.

Readers will note Yorck's relative eloquence compared to Newkirk. She has been considering this encounter and what she will say for quite some time.

This relatively formal proceeding is intended to be reminiscent of a gentleman's duel with pistols or foils, as opposed to the brutal and unregulated warfare thus far seen in Newkirk's workshop and in the streets with Moritz. There is a certain order of proceedings, and it is only fair to observe them to their fullest - especially since Yorck gave up the advantage of surprise in good faith.

Operation Cobra was a disastrous raid carried out by the Australian Services Reconnaisance Department during the Second World War. Five soldiers were inserted into Timor, then occupied by Japanese forces. However, a previous operation that had been compromised meant that the Japanese were alerted to the operation and all five were captured.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Ah, the author's note helps give context to the proceedings. Maybe I missed it somewhere but I thought she was an ally rather than an enemy.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Beckton breathed out consciously as they approached the end of the bombe racks and risked a look bac…

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