This too shall pass.

Beckton breathed out consciously as they approached the end of the bombe racks and risked a look back at Newkirk, who was twirling his wand restlessly. It described complex arcs of revolution and counter-revolution as it span, but gave no hint of the magic pent up within.

Yorck was waiting for them at the door to the Director's office. She was young, for a sorceress, standing proudly in classically-styled robes of sapphire blue so rich that the material seemed to remain motionless when she moved. Three lines ran from collar to shoulder and straight down her sleeves: two of golden thread and one, centred, of scarlet.

She spoke first. Her accent bore a touch of English academic but was otherwise completely unremarkable.

"Silver Fox. How do you do."

"Yorck. How do you do."

The two wizards bowed to each other at the same time, as if mirror images of each other. Yorck's robes swayed with her movements but never touched the floor in an impressive display of perfect tailoring.

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While Newkirk's spells have previously been depicted as having immaterial physical effect even before casting, I suspect that it does not have to be so. Instead, such effects are like wood shavings coming from a carpenter's work - natural outcomes of drawing power from the elemental planes. With additional effort they can be tidied away before they manifest, but normally it's not necessary to do so. Here, where any external sign could be an indication of his intention, Newkirk sees no reason to take risks.

The colour pattern as described here are the colours of Trinity College of the University of Cambridge. What significance this has, is not stated - though primarily this is because Beckton, the point-of-view character, does not recognise them.

Originally Yorck was to have a German accent, but it stands to reason that her English must be excellent if she is a successful undercover agent in an English-speaking country - not to mention having studied at a foreign university.

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Yorck's codename for Newkirk indicates that her system is substantially different to the one we have seen so far. What significance this has is not stated.

Operation Silberfuchs was the overall operational codename for the series of German operations in the Arctic Circle, encompassing both of the previously mentioned operations Rentier and Platinfuchs.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Beckton stepped through the fourth row of bombe racks, trying valiantly to ignore the incessant clic…

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