This too shall pass.

Beckton stepped through the fourth row of bombe racks, trying valiantly to ignore the incessant clicking of the cryptologic machines as they crunched their way through yet another coded message. He drew from his right pocket one of the large box magazines for Silvertown's Browning Automatic Rifle and checked carefully - this one had red paint in a worn swipe across the back. He swapped the magazine in with deft motions and made sure everything was in order.

He could see the end of the racks not far away and fought to keep his breathing steady and his nerves prepared. It was going to be difficult enough without him going to pieces now.

Silvertown, meanwhile, sauntered along at a pace that just about kept her in line. It was a deceptively jovial look, belied only by the near white-knuckle grip that she kept on Beckton's weapon. She hadn't asked for him to come to her aid - had sworn up and down, in fact, that she never would.

But she was still glad that he was here. It just seemed right.

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Magazines for the Browning Automatic Rifle featured capacity for twenty rounds of .30-06 Springfield ammunition. They were thin-walled and not terribly reliable, though quite acceptable by wartime standards. The particular significance of this magazine among the others is not stated.

Operation Platinfuchs followed Operation Rentier. The German units pressed on towards another objective - the port of Murmansk, allowing access to the Barents Sea. Temperatures were bitterly cold and soldiers with appropriate training had a distinct advantage.

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Silvertown led the way into the darkened construction hall. Electronic components, vacuum tubes, and…

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