This too shall pass.

Silvertown led the way into the darkened construction hall. Electronic components, vacuum tubes, and the occasional scrawl of developmental magic were everywhere in the open space - lying across drafting tables and workbenches alike.

Osterley tried to ignore a headache that became more intense as the magician drew the last reserves of power to himself. Beckton signalled and they spread out, the three agents making a line abreast while Newkirk followed behind.

Ahead, the bombe racks were tall stamped-metal shapes facing end-on towards them, creating multiple corridors wide enough for one person to walk down comfortably. There was no movement, though the growing hum and whirr of electrical equipment made it difficult to hear anything coming from the far end of the laboratory.

Osterley frowned at the narrow space and restricted sightlines - a perfect place for an ambush to overtake their superior numbers. Beckton and Silvertown, exchanging a quick glance despite themselves, seemed to agree.

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It's likely that the scrawled magic is shorthanded magical phonetic of work-in-progress modifications to existing spells, rather than entirely new works of magic. Adjustment of effect, rearrangement for optimisation and the reduction of side effects would all be useful and desirable ways that an existing spell might be altered.

Operation Rentier was a German effort to take control of valuable mineral mines in Finland that provided nickel for the war effort. It was carried out as part of the wider Operation Barbarossa, as Germany attacked the Soviet Union.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

A little surprised at the lack of machismo or general sexism of the time (or what have you) to not have the male characters insist on going first. You might have addressed that in an earlier story and I just don't remember since I am reading this pretty piecemeal. Possible ambush is a good set up for the next chapter.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Beckton frowned at this, but rather than making eye contact with Silvertown checked his weapon.


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