This too shall pass.

Beckton frowned at this, but rather than making eye contact with Silvertown checked his weapon.

"What do we know about the message?"

"Very little. Director Ackerson knew more. He's meant to be in his office."

No-one needed to say what had likely happened to the Director. Osterley broke the silence after a minute, her voice calm and flat.

"Well then."

Newkirk exhaled with a grimace.

"I believe I can still neutralise Yorck. We should press on."

Silvertown tossed her weapon to Beckton, who caught it reflexively and with a slight air of bewilderment handed her his Thompson in return. She ran a hand over the controls, nodded in satisfaction and pointed at a doorway at the end of the hall.

"I hope you're right, Newkirk. This way."

Beckton draped his coat over the bullet-holed receptionist's desk, rolled up his shirtsleeves and took the rear. It seemed to him that Newkirk's flames cast longer shadows than they ought.

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At this point, having expended multiple sixth-, fifth- and third-level spells as well as his seventh-level spell, Newkirk is doing very well to have any magic remaining at all. The coming engagement depends heavily on how much magic Yorck has, as well as how well our plucky protagonists can utilise the element of surprise. Obviously, this is complicated by the fact that both Yorck and Newkirk are able to use divination, and Newkirk is for this reason unable to communicate any plans to the others.

Operation Opossum was a Australian commando raid of the Second World War. Ternate, a small island territory near Borneo, was occupied by Japanese forces and the ruling authority - the Sultan - sent requested a rescue. Australian soldiers of the elite Z Special Unit attacked the enemy and, despite casualties, successfully extracted the Sultan's family by boat to Australia.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I don't understand why they swapped weapons. Outside of that this seems like the next logical step.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Silvertown caught Newkirk staring and winked at the same moment Osterley coughed pointedly.


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