This too shall pass.

Silvertown caught Newkirk staring and winked at the same moment Osterley coughed pointedly.

"Perivale was wounded in a firefight with Moritz and enemy saboteurs. Newkirk engaged and destroyed Moritz. Now we're here for Bleecker."

Silvertown pressed her lips together, pulling hairpins from an impressively elegant French twist and shaking the arrangement free. Blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders.

"Is it just you?"


Beckton's entrance from behind them had a dramatic effect on Silvertown. Surprise, sadness and a kind of regret chased each other across her expression, to be swiftly replaced by a wry smile a touch too enthusiastic to be convincing.



A certain awkward tension hung between the pair, which Newkirk broke with a frustrated sigh.

"They know we're here. Silvertown, what have you got?"

"Yorck has Bleecker. They're looking for an Ultra decrypt of an intercept originating somewhere in the Norwegian Sea last night. Bleecker was here to pick it up for transport."


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Ultra, as mentioned previously, is the name for codebreaking efforts run jointly by the Allied forces during the Second World War. The contents, purpose and particular need for secrecy that required a codenamed person to pick up the decrypted message in person are not stated.

Operation Musketoon was a raid on a Norwegian power station by British commandos and forces from the Special Operations Executive. Silently neutralising the guards and planting their explosives, the raiders split up and departed. The power plant was heavily damaged by the explosives and successfully put out of action, but one of the two groups were captured during their escape and executed under the Commando Order (that all commandos should be executed without trial).

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As previously mentioned, Newkirk is not much more than a talented amateur at divination. He has an understanding of the principles and theory underpinning its use but very little practical knowledge. Though he has performed admirably tonight, he is unable to project his power offensively and thus deny his opponents knowledge of the future. This was first seen used against Newkirk in "X-Ray" (#41643), where he was blocked from divining the state and position of the car Beckton and his MPs had arrived in.

However, despite his inability to keep knowledge of the present and near future from the enemy, Newkirk is able to detect when they have gained it. This might best be likened to watching flashlights held by a search party. When the torch beams focus on one particular area, it would be safe to assume that the object of their search has been found.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

The explanation of Newkirk's abilities is fascinating. Being told that Silverton is dangerously beautiful rather than being shown it feels like a short cut. I'm sure it all comes down to character limit at this point but it was noticeably jarring since I didn't expect to find her beautiful from the last entry--and I'm a sucker for petite blondes!

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@Robert Quick: That's a very good point. I had to be quite creative, but it was good to fix that.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

When a human silhouette appeared in a doorway to their left, Newkirk was quick to react. He raised a…

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