This too shall pass.

Newkirk felt Osterley grab at his sleeve as she fell, but before he was pulled off his feet she let go and rolled to a halt. She sprang up seconds later, letting her heavy woolen cloak fall - already going up in flames. The agent leaned into a sprint the rest of the way to the entrance with renewed vigor, catching up with Newkirk just as he pushed open the double doors.

The lobby was a mess. Two guards in military police uniforms lay where they had fallen, empty weapons beside them. The front desk, splintered by gunfire and charred by magic, lay abandoned. Typewritten papers rustled underfoot.

Osterley sighed and pointed beyond the front desk to a dark corridor.

"We're close. Through here is the mail room, then the main construction and testing space. The bombe racks are at the back near Director Ackerson's office."

Newkirk nodded slowly, pulling his hands from his pockets. They were gloved in dancing flames that were just a little less than fully real.

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As mentioned in the comments of "Donnerkeil" (#42038), arcane fire is affected by the normal means of extinguishing fire. Osterley, realising she needs to get out of her cloak while she still can, takes the fall in order to deal with it quickly.

I've tried to describe visually the spells that are being prepared. The astute reader may notice that this is not the same description as was used for Fireball and would hazard a guess that this is not the same spell, but which precise spell it is (if it is even decided yet) is not stated.

Operation Chastise was an extraordinary operation run by the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War. The Möhne and Edersee dams were breached by special bouncing bombs deployed from elite Lancaster heavy bombers, causing widespread destruction to the below valleys. This was the later widely-publicised "Dambuster" raid.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

This is good. A little bit of action and a little bit of exposition, but more importantly you convey a sense of urgency, which gives all the description of things like the fallen men a sense of weight. Obviously there will be an ebb and flow to which ficlys that I like versus the ones I like less but this easily falls into the former category. Good job.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Beckton brought them to a screeching halt in a cloud of acrid-smelling tyre smoke. Both agents left …

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