Red Eyes: Uncle Charlie's Volvo Story

Robert Quick

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The story Uncle Charlie told went that some Columbians had jacked a Volvo and tried to outrun the cops. The heavy frame of the car and low engine power kept it from gaining any distance from the black and white cruisers and their grim faced drivers. Uncle Charlie had watched on the news as each time the cops pulled up along side the Volvo, the driver had slammed into the adjacent car forcing it into other cars or onto sidewalks. In the course of a few minutes, the Volvo had taken out six cars and was still going. It looked like they were going to make it out of the city through sheer tankiness up until one of the cruisers zoomed up along side and hit the Volvo into a lamp post which brought the chase to a dead stop. Even there at the end, there wasn't hardly any damage to the car itself. No matter how much of a beating it took, it kept going. The Columbians made their stand there, in the steel fortress of the Volvo's frame. That was why Lamar had got himself an ancient Volvo instead of something like a Benzo.


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I drove a Volvo for a while and can confirm their tankiness.

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