This too shall pass.

A sudden and violent attack of nausea hit Osterley without warning, almost doubling her over, and by the time she had recovered she was interrupted by the arrival of Private Carson and another soldier with a medic's armband.

"Sarge... ma'am. You all right, sarge?"

She drew back and let the medic take over, nodding at Perivale meaningfully. A short distance away, Beckton was kneeling over the body of one of the green-clad troopers. Another medic was with him, and was shaking his head sadly.

They looked at each other, her gaze questioning and his sorrowful - but only for a moment, and then a certain hard focus returned to his pale blue eyes.

"What did Perivale say?"

"They couldn't find Bleecker. He broke off to bring the troopers. Silvertown continued the search. Both are missing."

Newkirk chose this moment to walk up to them. A curious mix of fatigue and euphoria suffused his expression.

"The Naval Computing Machine Laboratory. Yorck and Bleecker are there."



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The effect of long-term magical usage, particularly the corrosive modern elements of fire and toxin, has only begun to be explored. In previous eras, magicians were far less capable of conducting magic on a regular basis - for a number of practical and thaumaturgical reasons. It is only in recent decades, supported by the industrial capacity of a modern nation, that magicians have been able to use magic on a regular basis.

There is considerable reason to believe that there are physiological effects to such intensive usage. Alternately the reader may choose to believe in the professional euphoria of seeing the complete success of a personal project.

Operation Bowler was a bombing operation by the British Royal Air Force conducted in Venice harbour against Axis shipping. A high-precision operation with a considerable emphasis on avoiding damage to historical buildings, bombers dived nearly vertical to ensure maximum accuracy. It was a compete success - all targets were destroyed with no accidental hits.

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As previously mentioned, Newkirk has an elementary understanding of the school of divination, which is the art of knowing the unknown - the future, the past and the present. Such a abilities are both exaggerated by those who are not capable of it and understated by all who are.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The sergeant's eyes flew open. He tried to sit up, but Osterley pressed him down with a firm hand.

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