This too shall pass.

The sergeant's eyes flew open. He tried to sit up, but Osterley pressed him down with a firm hand.

"Sergeant? I'm Agent Osterley."

The wounded man did a strange thing then. He looked into her eyes with a disconcertingly intense stare and huffed a pained laugh. His English, though initially featuring a rough edge, gradually became educated Oxford tones.

"If you are Osterley, then I am Perivale."

There was a series of rapid shots, a few smaller pops, and then Beckton fired his Thompson twice. Osterley put an arm underneath Perivale and helped the wounded man sit up further so that they could talk more easily.

"We're here for Bleecker. What happened?"

Perivale relaxed as Osterley mentioned the key word, though he spoke through a fog of pain.

"Bleecker is the package. We couldn't find him. Silvertown kept searching. I went for backup."

"You couldn't find him?"

"The circle was abandoned. No guards. Same with the rendezvous. Then Moritz hit like a ton of bricks before I could link up with Silvertown."

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Silvertown and Perivale were first mentioned in "Tawasa" (#42008), where they had been sent to fetch Bleecker. How and why Perivale knows Osterley is who she says she is, is not stated.

This episode takes place a little in the past. Beckton has not fired twice, this is merely Osterley's point-of-view during Grouse's death. She has her back to them and is focused on Perivale, and so failed to notice.

The perceptive reader will note that the enemy spellcaster who was killed in "Fall Rot" (#42041) has been unnamed until now. How Perivale knows Moritz's identity is not stated.

Operation Jericho was a spectacularly daring low-level bombing raid by the British Royal Air Force on a prison far behind enemy lines in German-occupied France. Knowing that the prison held many members of the French Resistance as well as valuable political prisoners, RAF bombers destroyed the walls and attacked the guardhouse from as 15 metres (50 ft) in order to allow the prisoners a chance to escape.

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How Perivale managed to attain command of the US Army troopers is not stated.

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I should correct the above to "Beckton has not fired at two targets". He did fire twice, but only in one sense of the phrase.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

A hush dropped over the battlefield suddenly. Those with firsthand experience or a larger degree of …

Fall Rot
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