This too shall pass.

At the sound of Grouse's shout Beckton turned - pivoting on both feet and dropping to one knee at once, just as an older man in a dark-grey overcoat and (somewhat incongruously) a German-style steel helmet came around the corner in pursuit.

The private, whose attention was completely occupied by the flames spreading across his lapel and collar, didn't stand a chance. The overcoated man shot him several times with the distinctive slanted form of a Luger pistol and sent the young man's body sprawling lifelessly over the agent.

Surprised and with his vision partly obscured by the body, Beckton held on to Grouse with his left arm and brought his weapon up in his right. He fired two short bursts from the hip, watching the overcoated man fall, and waited a second to make sure they were dead. Then he laid down the private's remains with as much respect as he could manage.

A prickling at the back of his neck gave him the impression that Newkirk was about to unleash another spell.

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Private Grouse's attempt to put out an arcane fire by patting it down is mostly futile - while neither Moritz or Yorck can reach the heights of power that Newkirk can summon, they are still competent and dangerous spellcasters. The flames they summon are not easily extinguished.

The Luger was a well-known German pistol issued to officers during the Second World War. Designed for accuracy and built with high-quality materials, it was an effective and popular weapon.

The range at which Beckton can feel the spell developing suggests that this will be an extremely potent spell indeed - given the inverse square law.

Operation Donnerkeil was a operation conducted by the German Luftwaffe that contested the skies over the English Channel for a brief time, in order to protect the three capital ships retreating to Germany under Operation Zerberus. The Luftwaffe were highly successful, defeating British attacks on the ships and inflicting heavy losses.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Fine bit of action. I'm not sure you need the paranthetical. It stands out and could be incorporated into the sentence proper without any loss of meaning.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Beckton was waving a pair of troopers up to a delivery van that was missing most of its roof when he…

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