This too shall pass.

Beckton was waving a pair of troopers up to a delivery van that was missing most of its roof when he saw Osterley leap out from behind it and hare off up the street.

"What's that girl doing, sir?"

"That girl is Agent Osterley, Private Grouse. With me, we're going after her."

He led the way out into the street, indicating that troopers on the flanks should support them. With Private Grouse close behind he scrambled, staying low, until they caught up with Osterley. She was kneeling beside a body in a green uniform; Beckton spotted the stripes of a sergeant.

"Beckton! Over here. Help me roll him over."

They did so as carefully as possible. She leaned over him and checked for a pulse.

"He's still with us. Cover me while I get him a syrette."

Grouse peered around the side of the truck, yelled in surprise and ducked back in just before a fusillade of gunfire rang against the side of the fire truck. A sizzling bolt of fire flew past, passing close enough to singe his hair and set his uniform alight.

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While healing in a classic D&D setting (or similar role-playing games) would be done through potions and clerics, I consider that carrying big glass bottles of mysterious liquid around is completely silly. The Supply Corps of the United States Army would surely have developed a superior system - and so they have.

The syrette mentioned is identical in design to the morphine syrettes that were actually used in the Second World War, which consisted of a tapered foil tube similar to those containing superglue or small toothpaste packages - but instead of a plastic tip they featured a metal needle for injecting the morphine. It's not likely that such a mass-produced item will completely restore the sergeant to the peak of health, but it will probably be better than anything else that can be managed by mundane battlefield medicine in this time.

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Zerberus was naval operation executed by the German Navy with a group of powerful warships - two battleships and one heavy cruiser that had been trapped in France. Under constant threat of attack by the British Royal Air Force, Operation Zerberus was carried out to withdraw them to the relative safety of German ports. Successfully slipping past the Allied blockade at night, the German fleet traversed the length of the hostile English Channel to reach friendly waters.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Excellent. Osterly or perhaps the situation kind of reminds me of Agent Carter. Nice use/development of the syrette.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Osterley felt Newkirk lean in close, speaking into her ear rather than raising his voice.

"It's unl…

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