This too shall pass.

The whipcrack sound of a bullet flying past brought Osterley out of her metathaumaturgical musing. She ran forward, tugging Newkirk with her, and they made their way together to an alleyway between their building and the next. A small cluster of green-uniformed GIs were there, which she thought promising.

She pushed Newkirk in behind them, chose one randomly and raised her voice over the sound of secondary explosions following the wizard's spell.

"You! What's your name? What's the situation here?"

She had long ago perfected the use of a drill sergeant's tone of voice to cut through confusion, and her target replied mostly out of habit.

"Private Carson, sir - ma'am! The sarge went down over by the fire truck just now, and we're stuck. What - um, who are you?"

She lowered her voice back down to its usual chirp.

"I'm Agent Osterley. This is Newkirk. We're here for Bleecker - do you know about that?"

He shook his head numbly, firelight dancing across his face. She decided he was probably genuine.

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Explosives of the Second World War were very susceptible to sympathetic detonation - exploding whenever another explosion was set off nearby. Newkirk's slightly overcharged Fireball has set off some manner of chain reaction.

Operation Bernhard was a German operation that aimed to produce counterfeit banknotes to sabotage the British economy - firstly by destabilising it through uncontrolled inflation, and secondly by using it to finance German counter-intelligence. It was incredibly successful, so much so that the Bank of England was forced to change the design of its notes after the war.

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I considered using paraphysics, gramarye and arcanology, but ultimately thaumaturgy makes the most etymological sense to me. That said, paraphysics has a good ring to it and may appear later.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Osterley and Beckton looked at each other for a moment. Something passed between them: not intimate,…

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