Fractal Realities: Maiden Voyage

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

Richard stood at the stern of the ship, looking longingly back toward England. He had really hoped to extend his tour of the continent but the untimely death of his father dictated otherwise. His memories of the rough eastward crossing a scant month earlier came too easily to his mind, and the near collision at the start of this westward voyage back to the United States had set Richard's nerves on edge. No, he didn't want to be on the boat and would have traded anything to avoid the whole damned journey.

He took his mother's telegram from his pocket and read it for the hundredth time. He had fortunately been in London when he received it and had managed to book passage out of Southampton. Nevertheless, he was still a week from home. Richard knew he wouldn't arrive in time for the funeral.

England faded into the distance. Richard hugged his coat more closely against the cold wind as RMS Titanic made for Cherbourg to collect more passengers. He briefly considered leaving the ship there to return to Paris.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Probably the most directly mirrored of our series, each with more than hint of darkness in the protagonist's future. I can almost see the two men, crossing paths in the water, separated by the thinnest wall of reality.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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