Fractal Realities: Meditation

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

Meditation didn't come naturally to him. Far too often, unwanted sensations and thoughts invaded his sense of peace, solidly anchoring him in the world that he was trying to escape for just a few brief moments. Something as simple as a mosquito buzzing against the window screen on the opposite side of the room was often enough to distract him.

It had been someone else's idea that he rent a cottage in the mountains, far from civilization, to "get away from it all" for a week. It seemed ideal. The air was clean and the cacophony of the city was conspicuous in its absence.

In a sun-drenched glade close to the cottage, with a stream gently plashing nearby, he sat on the ground. When ready, he closed his eyes and tried to meditate. Time slowed as he felt an expanding connection to something greater, perhaps the whole of nature.

In his imagination, he wandered from the glade. Images of forests, ice fields, reefs, and sand dunes passed through his mind's eye.

He never found his way back to the glade.

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