This too shall pass.

A round-faced man who might have looked more at home in a butcher's or a grocer's shouldered his way in to talk to Newkirk. No divination required; the wizard remembered him from the past. He was an Ultra liason.

"Broadview. How are things at Bletchley?"

"Not now, Newkirk. We had a successful intercept of a Sending for Yorck and Moritz to initiate their attack an hour ago."

Newkirk shrugged.

"My information is correct. If we assume yours is too, then the attack has not yet happened."

Broadview and Ellesmere paled as one. The latter indicated a location in Ohio, out to the east.

"Silvertown and Perivale are out to fetch Bleecker as we speak."

Newkirk sighed and brushed nonexistent lint from his sleeve.

"We should make sure he's safe, then. I want Beckton and at least one other."

"Osterley is here. But Beckton is - "

"Beckton and Osterley. We leave as soon as possible."

Broadview caught Newkirk's arm as the magician turned away.

"Bleecker is vital to Ultra. He must not be lost to enemy hands."

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Broadview is a station on the Toronto subway. West Silvertown, Perivale and Osterley are stations on the London Underground. Bleecker Street is a station on the New York subway.

Sending is a third-level spell (that is, of intermediate difficulty). Upon casting it transports one twenty-five word message to a single creature over an unlimited distance, and allows an instant reply of the same length. However, if the creature is on a different plane of existence there is a certain chance the message will not arrive.

Ultra (as previously mentioned) is a wide-ranging effort to intercept and decrypt enemy signals. It has, apparently, found a way to listen in on messages sent using Sending. How and why is not stated, but somehow they now know the contents of such spells, and one intercepted message instructed Moritz and Yorck to attack in tandem.

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Operation Wigwam followed Operation Teapot and was a deep-water test of a 30-kiloton nuclear device intended to study the practical uses of nuclear depth charges in anti-submarine warfare. The nuclear bomb used was suspended from a barge that was itself towed by a tug by the name of USS Tawasa.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Broadview, for being what I assume is one of the good guys, gives me kind of a Darth Vader vibe. The last line in particular rings like "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans! And bring me the passengers, I want them alive!" Or "There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive." [Points at Boba Fett] "No disintegrations!" In theory the last line of your story could be said with compassion but I got these echoes first.

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@RQ: I like your reading. I've edited for slightly more ambiguity.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Newkirk understood all too well. Everyone who had any sort of relevant experience pre-war had become…

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