On the shore

Lampyris Noctiluca


Hair dark and damp were stirring in the wind

and I sat on a rock and looked at her

naked back as night made his descent.

The reddening sky background to flocks of gulls;

no voice, nor song of other son of Man

was to disturb our tendersome farewell.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I like the imagery. Each line builds on the last until the whole evokes a sort of hollow wanting (in a good way). Well done there.

Would you like constructive criticism? The site assures me that everyone loves feedback but I've not found that to be true.

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Lampyris Noctiluca

Lampyris Noctiluca

Hi Robert! My apologies for replying so late. I have been away in the past two months.

Yes, I would really appreciate your honest feedback.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Start with a knife, a tree, a candle, a corpse. Start with a dead bird and its dead feathers spread …

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