Fractal Realities: Endgame

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

I knew what the endgame amounted to. What I didn't know was precisely when the endgame was going to begin.

The first arrived when I was unconscious. When I came to, I finished off my canteen and tossed it aside; a ruffle of feathers on the other side alerted me to its presence. I looked into its black, beady eyes watching me from just outside my reach. When you're alone with a smashed leg, probable concussion and no water in the heat of the African sun, the endgame pretty much begins to take shape. When I stared Death in the eyes, I knew precisely what the endgame was.

The second arrived half an hour later and the third, ten minutes after that. Within ten more minutes, three more had arrived and there were even more, circling above. All of them were watching impassively, waiting for this to play out.

Returning to what remained of the cockpit wasn't an option. It had cost me everything I had to crawl away from it before it burst into flames.

I needed to think. I closed my eyes. The endgame began.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I know that as writers we all inhabit different people and places but the differences between this and the two previous stories are incredible. Each one is interesting. At first I was glad that you threw me a bone (in suggesting Fractal Realities) but it looks like it was good for both of us. I'm excited to see where else we go.

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August Rode

August Rode

Collaboration is very important to me, Robert, as you may have guessed. It was that way in Ficly as well. I wrote more in all of my collaborative efforts than I ever wrote on my own. "In Between Minds" and "Noir" were major exercises for me, as is "Fractal Realities." And because I like pushing boundaries (when it can be done safely), each of those exercises has been executed differently. Future collaborations are likely to be different that what I've done in the past. We'll just have to see where it all goes.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

That makes sense. I suppose the clues were all there but I spend so much time trying not to bother anybody, that it didn't occur to me to offer official invitations very often. Even on a site designed for it, I don't like sequeling or prequeling other stories without consent of the author. I'll do it occasionally if I feel compelled or inspired but it's never my first choice.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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