Fractal Realities: Perhaps

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

He could feel her tenuous caress across his skin, cool and teasing. He turned slowly but never saw her except perhaps as a brief flicker of motion in his peripheral vision. In the diffuse and dim light, shapes at the limits of his vision often turned out to be nothing at all as he approached them. He could not be certain what he was seeing.

He kicked with slow deliberateness and descended a little. The quietude of his surroundings did not betray her. He could plainly hear his own blood coursing through his ears but wondered if perhaps he was faintly hearing an ambient ethereal melody as well.

His body gently began to assert its need for air. He briefly considered ignoring it but ultimately he knew that he was not a creature of the deep as she was. Little by little, he ascended. Cobalt blue slowly changed into clear, crystalline turquoise.

As he neared the surface, there was a slight tug on his right fin. He looked down and thought perhaps he saw her disappearing again into the depths. Or perhaps not.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Makes me think of a mermaid or some other creature of the water. Perhaps even a ghost. Mysterious and magical.

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