Bob and the animals


apparently I need to fill out this field.

We watched from inside as Bob mowed the lawn. Then one moment he saw something through the garden fence and rushed to the gate. He looked upset, and quickly took his phone out to make a call.

„Hello? Yes, I’d like to report an intrusion of cockroaches. What? No, they’re technically not on my property, but outside my garden. No, not IN my garden, outside of it. Yes, an intrusion of cockroaches. No... yes, outside, an intrusion of... look, can you just send someone?”

That was the moment he saw the birds.

„Oh no, a lot of birds are coming now! This is bad, an unkindness of ravens!” – he flailed about.

„What do you mean how are they being unkind?! There must be hundreds of them!” – Bob was getting really agitated now.

It was a good show. Especially from our vantage point in the safety of the aquarium. We all enjoyed watching the events unfold. Me and my buddies, an audience of squid.


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I really enjoyed making the squid an actual audience, but I do think that the collective noun for squid should be squad.

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Lampyris Noctiluca

Lampyris Noctiluca

Haha - they should be definitely called a squad! You could expand on that idea

  • #3825 Posted 3 years ago
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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I've always like an unkindness of ravens and by all means encourage the English language to change by using squad over audience. It's malleable enough, you just got to get the word out (literally).

  • #3831 Posted 3 years ago
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I am positively inclined toward collective animal names. Use one (real or that you made up) in a story. Here is a short list. More are out there if these aren't to taste.

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