Fractal Realities: Relief from the Tedium

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

Social situations were fraught with problems that invariably led to people getting hurt and so Bob went out only to get the necessities of life and was never out for long. He was also a hoarder. His residence was littered with the remnants of past meals never discarded and with the baubles and trinkets that brought him satisfaction. Bob was also deeply bored, having had no company or any other form of entertainment for what seemed like years. He tended to sleep a lot.

The air crackled. Shimmering and blue, the outline appeared. In the dimness of the room, Bob noticed it immediately.

"That's eldritch, that is," he thought to himself. "Where there is eldritch, a wizard is usually near."

His body quivered with excitement. He uncoiled his tail from around the throne and briefly stretched his leathery wings before laying them again along the metallic scales of his body. He settled himself comfortably onto his vast mound of gold and, waiting patiently for the interloper to appear, prepared to spit fire.

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Lampyris Noctiluca

Lampyris Noctiluca

I love how the first paragraph acquires a whole nother dimension as soon as you re-read it afterwards. It creates two distinct realities within one story, which complies wonderfully with the definition of fractal.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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Fractal Realities
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