Fractal Realities: The Juggler

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

He hefted the axe, testing its balance. The razor sharp edges of the bronze blades glittered in the sunlight. Abruptly, he tossed it up, sending it spinning end over end before catching it again.

Father would have been furious with him, to risk an injury like that. There was so much to be done to clear the land and only Father and himself to do it. With two exceptions, his brothers were all dead of illness or war. Although Rusa was older, he had lost a leg and most of an arm fighting the Athenians and was lucky to be alive, while Sima was still far too young to lift an axe at all.

He turned the axe from side to side, looking at the bulls with which the axe head had been decorated. Had circumstances been otherwise, he thought he might have liked to have been a bull-leaper. He had the agility, reflexes and bravery needed for the sport, but the family needed him here.

He sent the axe spinning again, catching it securely. Pleased with himself, he went in search of the other axe.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I imagine that I'll be constantly surprised at the lines you choose. I suppose that the stories we haven't written yet call to us all in different ways.

This one is very grounded. It feels real. From the thoughts of a father's rebuke to the appreciation of the detail on the axe. Very nice.

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Fractal Realities
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