What Screams May Come 2

Lampyris Noctiluca


Tom looked around, but did not see anyone.

The voice said "Tom, enter the building in front of you and walk upstairs and to apartment 509." Tom did so.

"There is a large cardboard box sitting right before the apartment door", continued the voice. "I want you to open it and take what is inside".

Tom opened the box and extracted a chainsaw.

"Now enter the apartment and... clear it".

He kicked the door open. The TV was on, and a man jumped up from the couch. Tom effortlessly beheaded him. Another man came into the room. Tom cleft him vertically, and proceeded to the next room. It was an empty bedroom. A faint cry was heard. Tom swang the chainsaw under the bed, and blood flowed out.

There was no living soul left in there: time to go. Tom walked down the stairs. But the stairway grew darker and darker step by step until...

Tom woke up.

He had a bit of a headache, but could not remember one thing.

"Oh well", he thought, "that's why they hired me: I can never remember a dream".


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Kind of reminds me of an RPG, I read but never played, called Orpheus. The nurse (or the doctor, I suppose) or maybe even someone else! acts as his handler. Tom doesn't really seem to have any agency/autonomy here. He gets a command and does it without any feeling or thought, making him more like a machine or puppet. Which could be a good thing if he ever started remembering his dreams. I wonder to what purpose he kills. Nice pair of stories with lots of questions (but not the bad kind!).

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Lampyris Noctiluca

Lampyris Noctiluca

I didn't know Orpheus, but I looked it up and it looks very interesting! I know next to nothing about RPGs. A shame...

So, the fundamental idea is than when one dreams the world gets twisted and so does one's system of values and morals. You may do (or be made do) things you wouldn't otherwise do without much regard.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The glass door of the lab slid open, and Tom walked in.

The room was quiet.

He swallowed the pill …

What Screams May Come
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