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Jennifer waited expectantly for an answer while staring at her phone. Her mum had warned her about talking to strangers on the internet but it was 2018 and the world was far more connected than ever before. Besides it wasn't like she had given her number out to anyone. This was an app where everyone was anonymous and she took a great deal of comfort from that.

Finally a reply from one of the admins popped into existence. She read it. And then read it again, mouthing the words as if trying to drink them in. “You don't need us to be loved. You are worthy of love even outside of us but yes, have no doubt, you're loved. You've proven yourself through the empathy and kindness you've shown to others. You're part of our family. If you think you are ready, we can welcome you to the Outer Circle."

She hugged her phone to her chest, then carefully typed: yes.

"Please accept this badge as a symbol of your status and proof of our love.”

The app dinged as an attachment showed up.

Hands shaking, she double tapped it.


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Geeze, it sounds like a cult. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually existed, preying upon a young persons need to feel accepted and good enough. The name "The Outer Circle" is also interesting. Does that mean this group is for those who would consider themselves outsiders? Does it mean there is an inner circle?

The way the admin talks reminds me of when a friend of mine brainwashed himself with "The Secret" (the book isn't inherently bad, he just took it way too far)

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