The Mask


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Do you recognize me?

Yes, I changed my hair.

Yes, these clothes are different.

My confidence is showing,

I wear no mask these days.

Remember that mask?

Maybe you started wearing it for protection.

You wanted to fit in.

You were afraid that people wouldn't accept you.

You wouldn't accept you.


At first you only wear it when you have to,

Like armor before heading off to battle.

A short, hollow happiness comes with it.

The mask comes off sometimes, right?

Just a fake smile, laugh, and words.


Soon you stop taking the mask off.

People like this you better.

After all who really liked you before?

Did you even like yourself before?


The mask sows into you

The hollowness eats you alive

Fills yourself with emptiness

People see through you?

After all, you can.

A dark shadow follows you,

It grows with every lie and deception.

Loneliness in a room full of fake.


I remember the mask, I wore it well.

One day, I tore it off.

It was painful, ever changing.

I realized i was strong enough for any battle.

I was only fighting myself anyway.

All the fake petty ones around me left,

The real ones stayed, full of love.

I began to love imperfect me again.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Well done! I can empathize with nearly every part.

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  • Published 6 months ago.
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