New World Order: Interlude I

Robert Quick

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President disavows knowledge of attack in the middle east, official inquiry to follow

Another ineffectual attack inside the palace at Yaniv ends in blood as the superhuman leader calling himself Savior dispatches twenty-one assailants and adds their heads to that gruesome record of failures, the Wall of Traitors. [Pictures]

Three years after the destruction of Jerusalem [Video] and assassins are still trying to exploit human weaknesses in this rogue Superman. Unfortunately, anonymous sources state that bullets and explosions have little apparent effect. Poisons, chemical weapons, and biological agents have had no effect. The next escalation could have devastating consequences not just for the area but for the entire world.

Even as the President tries to distance himself from this latest disaster, the United States is clearly left holding the bag, still trying to support the remnants of their onetime allies that once lived in the region. The U.N. has issued another warning [Statement] to the United States--


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Inspired by (sequel to):

He walked through the detonations unscathed and unfazed. Soot and dirt splashed against his uniform …

New World Order: Prologue, Part Six

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