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"This is truce by ultimatum," the god sneered.

"It is," I agreed. "But it is a truce, nonetheless. You and your kind leave this world alone forevermore, and I and my descendants will cease our war upon yours. That I must force this is irrelevant, but peace must be restored to this world if any of us are to survive. I will broker no other deal than this. You will pass this message along and throughout the pantheon. There are other worlds for you to rule and invest in. But this is no longer one of them."

There was silence for a time as the god appraised me again. I stared back, disinterested, knowing there could be only one outcome.

"Very well," it finally replied. "I will convey your word. This world belongs to you now."

"No," I said, quickly. "That it does not. But neither does it belong to you. And I will erect a message post here with the terms of the truce lest any of your kind forget and deign to return."

The god nodded. "You cannot protect this world forever," it said. "Eventually we will return."

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Post of Ultimatum

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