Post of Ultimatum

Jim Stitzel

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The god was silent for a time. Irritation appeared across its countenance, but it knew now it had no choice in this matter. It was merely processing this information, coming to terms with it, making peace with its new fate.

"Very well," it agreed. "I am at your mercy, and you have left me with no other options."

I nodded, pain etching my own features at what I now needed to do. "The truce is simple. You and your kind -- all the gods, the deities, the divinities -- from the Gildergods to the Bolgurgods to the Aldergods and beyond are hereby banished from this world forever."

"YOU CAN'T--" the god began to roar, its outrage renewed. I raised a hand, silencing it.

"Perhaps. Perhaps I can't physically or metaphysically force you from here. As you have yourself said, I am both more and less than I seem. But if you do not leave, I can guarantee you that this war will be one of attrition, and that every god will be pruned from the world one at a time. This I can promise you."

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