Classy Lady: The Business at Hand

Jim Stitzel

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"Telemetry from the probe has been parsed and analyzed, Captain," Lady responds. The ship's voice is a soothing alto, designed to accommodate for the crew as they recover. "The data has already been uploaded to your stations and synced with your datapads for your review."

Lindsey grabs her datapad and pulls up the summary. Her vision blurs, and she blinks several times trying to shake it off, to no avail. Dammit, she thinks. Out loud, she says, "Synopsis, Lady, if you please."

"Of course, Captain," comes the reply. "Asteroid Berger-Behregen. Diameter: 14.837km at the widest point. Rotation: 27 hours, 43 minutes, 12 seconds. Mass: unknown. Orbit: stationary. Energy output consistent with an Einstein-Rosen bridge, subtype: world tunnel."

Lindsey nods. The information from the probe matches the conclusions of the scientists back on Earth Station. "Do we have a point of entry?" she asks.

Lady's response is immediate. "Wormhole access is 6.31km inside the asteroid. Multiple points of approach."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

A wormhole inside an asteroid? Interesting . . .

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The Classy Lady parks itself in a synchronous orbit above the asteroid Berger-Behregen before waki…

Classy Lady

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